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 Legacy Family Films

Legacy Film:

      Your story told in living color! Preserve and create your families legacy through video. Combine the past, present and future into a film worth viewing on the big screen. 

     A custom project telling the story of your family.  We bring together photos, interviews of grandchildren,  music,

story's from grandpa,  aerial views from our drone and interviews from grandma to remember the history and tell the Legacy of your family.

     Contact us to set up a time to talk about how we can create your film.

Surprise Grandma & Grandma:

              Interviews of All the Grand children telling their favorite stories of Grandpa And Grandma. Combined with  photographs of the entire family.  This film will remind them how much they are loved.  We create a custom film for you.  Tell your story or preserve a  memory for everyone to cherish.

Preserve The Legacy:

      Their stories are you history. What if the conversation could be remembered? Combining Interviews alongside friends and family Interwoven with photographs and archived videos.  This Is your chance to tell your true life legacy.  

Re-Live the journey of your family's History. Share the wisdom and your values the true treasures of life.

Your Memories, Your Stories Your Legacy

Forever In You Heart, Forever Rememberd
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