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Film Transfer
8mm Film Transfer to DVD

8 mm film also known as regular-8, standard-8, double-8,

cine-8, and normal-8

This film is designed to operate using an 8 mm film projector.


With 8 mm film transfer, the film reels are converted to digital format utilizing high definition recording.  The digital format is then enhanced with color correction, background brightening, and dust clean-up.


The 8 mm film reels are individually cleaned and organized. Finally, three custom DVDs are made, complete with easy to use menus. Additional options included the music of your choice in the background, and the ticking sound of the original projector.

8mm film transfer
8mm film transfer

3 Custom DVDs

Original 8 mm Film Reels (freshly cleaned and organized)


FAQ: How will my 8 mm film be organized?

-William, MichiganAnswer:

Once your 8 mm film is in digital format, it will be organized by year (if available from the customer) and then by activity.

So for example, instead of fast-forwarding through hours and hours of 8 mm film or other film formats to find that one special birthday, our easy-to-use DVD menus allow you to find the event you are looking for with a few clicks of the remote. In further example, your DVD menu may be broken down like the following:

1963 Events

1964 Events

1965 Events, etc.




Family Reunions

8mm film transfer
8mm Film Transfer to DVD


.30 cents per foot of film


3 inch Reel $15.00 

    50 ft of film


4 inch Reel $30.00

   100 ft of film


5 inch Reel $60.00

   200 ft of film


6 inch Reel $90.00

   300 ft of film


7 inch Reel $120.00

   400 ft of film

Standard Video Scrapbook:
Your most memorable moments dissolved from one to another, set to music of your  choice.  Each picture is cropped for your viewing pleasure.
  50 & up    = $2.75 per photo
100 & up  = $2.50 per photo
150 & up  = $2.25 per photo
200 & up  = $2.00 per photo
250 & up  = $1.75 per photo
300 & up  = $1.50 per photo
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