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Meet Sandusky 2020

The City of Sandusky invites you to help celebrate its history! The Chamber of Commerce and the city are working together to increase the online presence of our community. 

Meet Sandusky 2020 is a heavily promoted media campaign that will highlight businesses that are willing to participate and is estimated to reach thousands of people.


Essentially, this campaign will consist of videos that showcase the faces and locations of area businesses in an effort to increase traffic to associated websites/social media pages of the businesses involved. This will overhaul the online presence of our community. 


Videos will be posted with a link to the businesses’ webpage or social media page. Having content on these pages is highly recommended. Pulse Media Productions has agreed to help create the videos and provide additional content to our businesses during this campaign at a reasonable price. There are three levels of participation:

2:     - Inclusion and an “Introduction” - $400

  • Adds a 3:00 video that quickly recaps your business and what it does in the community.

(two camera shoot, slider, lighting, action shots, interview, edited final product)

1: Inclusion - $200

  • 20-30 second clip recognizing your business in the Facebook Campaign 

(one camera shoot, lighting, edited final product)


Your spot will be combined with 8 other business to keep the video length short so the viewers watch till the end.

3:     - Inclusion, an “Introduction” and a documentary. - $600

  • Adds a video (up to 10 minutes) documentary that gives your views an understanding of who you are, what you stand for, and what makes your business stand out from the rest.

(multi-camera, lighting, slider, interviews, actions shots, etc. )

This will be a high quality product, utilizing various techniques and technology that are as advanced as what you would see on primetime television.

This campaign will bring a new wave of online presence to the City of Sandusky, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to ride this wave with us. If you want to participate or have questions, please contact Pulse Media Productions for more information. 

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