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About Our Business

About Us:

Thank you for visiting Pulse Media Productions!

Our mission here at Pulse Media is to capture the heartbeat of life.  

Everything that you want to see is waiting to be preserved forever.

Let us make that possible. We offer many different services including

weddings, love  stories, video-scrapbooks, graduations, recitals, plays and 


We are also available for your company’s commercial needs whether it’s a special conference, radio jingle, commercial, or business video, we can make it happen.

Your pulse is our drive and we are committed to making every event one that you are proud to call your own.


We are a community-minded business that is willing to go the distance for you; not only in miles traveled, but to meet your every media need that would make your special event 

Let us know what we can do for you today. If you are remembering the past, celebrating the present, or building for the future we are ready to help. With over 10 years experience we understand your need for quality and creativity, at an economical price.


We look forward to being the company that captures both your memories of the past and the dreams for your future... “Capturing the Heartbeat of Life”.

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